Bra basics

Bra basics

It is estimated that up to 80% of women around the globe are wearing the wrong bra size. Our mission since opening our doors last November, is to help every customer choose the right bra based on shape, comfort & fit. "Can you remove the tags so I can wear this now?" These would have to be the most rewarding words we hear from our customers when they find a well fitting & comfortable bra! Finding a bra that gives support & shape as well as providing all day comfort is so important. This first blog is designed to give you some assistance choosing that all important product.

Underwire or wire-free bras - what is best?

Approximately 30% of customers who visit our store often state that they find underwire bras uncomfortable. Both underwire & wire-free bras can work for different circumstances - the key is making sure the size is correct. The most common reason for uncomfortable, painful or restricting bras is that they are too small. With underwire bras, the wire should sit below and follow the shape of the breast, whilst also remaining in place through movement. With wire-free bras, they still need to fit well & feel great. Wire-free bras are fantastic options for everyday, but not the best option for rigorous activity.

Some of our wire-free options include:

  • Simone Perele Caresse 3D triangle soft cup bra RRP $89.95 available in peau-rose & black 10-18 B-D cup
  • Wacoal Lace Affair bralette RRP $69.95 available in black/graphite, white & rose dust 8-18 A/B, C/D cup (pictured below)
  • Wacoal Embrace Lace soft cup triangle bra $64.95 available in white, nude/cream, black/cream gorgeous lace size 10-16
  • Ambra Bodysoft wire-free bra RRP $29.95 available in black, nude & white 10-14 A-D cup


A few of our best-selling under-wire bras include:

  • Simone Perele Caresse 3D Plunge bra RRP $99.95 - the classic t-shirt bra which gently moulds around the breast. Availalbe in peau-rose & blush 10-18 B-G cup
  • Simone Perele Inspiration moulded contour full cup bra RRP $79.95 which provides seamless support in an ultra-soft microfibre. Available in skin & black 10-18 B-E cup
  • Wacoal Halo Lace with seamless, supportive lace cups that will give you a natural shape and keep you comfortable all day long. RRP $64.95 available in ivory, black & nude 10-18 B-F cup (pictured below)
  • Freya Idol moulded balcony bra which offers a fabulously rounded shape with unrivalled uplift up to a HH cup. RRP $74.95 available in nude & black 8-18 B-FF cup

 Cup Sizes explained

Many people understandably assume that a cup size (e.g. 12B) is the same size & bra cup volume as all other B cupped bras, however this is not true. Cross grades (also known as 'sister' sizes is easier to understand when seen visually (see below). For example, 32C, 34B & 36A are all 'sister' sizes and share the same bust size, but have a different band circumference.

This can also be helpful to explain to customers who may have need to change both their cup size & band width.

How often to wash and wear your bras

The general consensus with regards to wearing bras is to change them everyday and not wearing the same bra 2 or more consecutive days in a row. Rotating your bras by letting them rest at least one day in between will help the elastic retract, regain its strength and most importantly give you optimum fit as well as helping preserve your delicates

When it comes to washing bras, this will depend on the type of bra (e.g. a sweaty sports or milk absorbed maternity bra would require laundering after every wear). As a general guideline, for a standard everyday bra would be to wash after two or three wears depending on climate & other lifestyle factors. Most importantly, when it is laundry day, make sure you refer to the washing instructions on the care label to help maximise the longevity of your lingerie.

How to ensure maximum life-cycle from your bras
  • To give your lingerie longevity it is best to wash by hand using mild detergent.
  • If you wish to machine wash; place garments in a wash bag and into a cold, delicate machine cycle.
  • Always fasten your bra band before washing so it doesn’t snag other garments.
  • Always hang or flat dry your smalls, never put them in the dryer as the heat will cause the fabrics to lose elasticity.
  • Don’t fold your padded bras in half. The cups will lose their shape.
  • Give your bra a break! Rotate between four bras each week to help preserve the elasticity.
  • When storing, nest padded bras into each other to preserve shape and for space saving.
  • Get fit! Due to fluctuation you should have a professional bra fitting every six months.

 We hope this information is of use to you.... please contact us or come in and see us if you have any questions!

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